Monday, December 12, 2011

Goodbye...For now

Tellef and Agnes,

Five days ago you boarded your first Airplane, this flight was taking you home where you will grow and make memories. I'm sure you had a huge welcome home from many friends and family that have been waiting patiently to meet you both.

Five days ago I closed a chapter in life, a long chapter of many memories and emotions. I knew saying goodbye wouldn't be easy, you both have changed my world and not just mine but my family too. We will never be the same here in MN because of the both of you. Myself, Jason and our children have learned to love in a way that most don't experience. You both gave us so much just while growing in my tummy and then this past month watching you grow out of your newborn clothes has been a blessing.

As I say we closed this chapter, I am excited to say we have started a new one, this one will be filled up with updates and photos of you both growing and hitting those milestones that your daddies will be so proud of. I can't wait to see the changes you will make and hear your voices as you first start making sounds. I'm proud of you both for growing as well as you did and being so perfect, and yes I mean PERFECT.

I can promise you both that there won't be a day in my life that you don't cross my mind. If it's just something that reminds me of you or a memory that I let myself fall into, and for that I thank you. To be able to love as many people as you can will only make your heart grow stronger. And there will always be a spot in my heart for you both and your family.

Your dads have invited Jason and I to come visit your home this summer, I can not wait to meet up with you again! To be able to snuggle and kiss your cute cheeks is the sweetest gift your daddies could ever give me:) But till then you do your best to grow and be healthy, and I know you will have no problems doing so because of the love that surrounds you.


Surro-momma Amy


  1. tears :*) but happy tears ... love you Amy!

  2. xoxo <3 beautifully written, and i had tears too.

  3. Love you babe!! You are so genuine and your surrogate family is so lucky to have found you!

  4. they are beautiful babies and what a happy reunion to look forward to!

  5. I thought I commented on this, but I don't see it!!! You are awesome and I LOVE this post!!!! I may have cried...a little bit!! LOL

  6. I`ve just read the whole blog! Fantastic!! :) Nice to follow you trough the pregnancy! Thank you for helping a Norwegian couple!! :)

  7. Hi Lover!! I just awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award. Check it out on my blog!! Also, I think you need to post an update of sorts. It's been too long since your last blog post!! Just sayin'..... xo