Thursday, July 29, 2010

check this out!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Waiting for the next step

So now it's the waiting game...I will fly out to NY sometime in August to make the transfer! I chose to wait till then for a few reasons...
1) I'm turning 30 in July and who wants to be preggo for a big bday like that!?!
2) The kids will be back in school in Sept and that will be a huge help on me..
3) To get a good relationship with the intended parents.

So July is here and I know this month will fly by..
I've been reading and following blogs of other surrogates and that is a huge help! It's funny most of the blogs these women are on the 2nd surrogacy so thats a good sign for me. Must be that amazing:)
Can't wait

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York

So coming back from LA Jason and I talked more and felt moving forward was what we both wanted.
Reading the first profile...
The first profile was about a 4 page paper on this couple. About the life they lead and what brought them to surrogacy and what they want for the future..We read it a few times and then some more. Looking for reasons on why we didn't like them or why we wanted to see another profile of another couple. But that wasn't the case. Everything they said, everything they believe in was what we wanted to hear or was what I pictured for this process.
So off to New York to meet them! Another mini 2 day vacation for Jason and I:)
The last day in New york was the day we had our meeting with the couple. I was a complete mess all morning, really nervous for it all. what would we talk about? What if they aren't what we expected? etc.. this might sound a bit cheesy but totally true-
Walked into the room and shook hands and then I knew it was right. I had no question in mind. Meeting went well and then had only a short 20 minutes with them at a park before we had to jet back home..

The LA trip

In April 2010 Jason and I flew to LA to meet the company that we chose to move forward with. It was a nice 2 day stay in a beautiful hotel, kinda like a mini vacation expect for the part of the blood work and pap smear...:/
We met a few people within the company and did a lot of physical test and mental test (and i did pass the mental test..thank you;) Everything was great! they answered any questions or concerns the both of us had. Then they left us with our first profile of a couple that was looking to become parents..

The letter we sent out to share the news to our family and friends

Hello Family and Friends,
(if you've already have this msg my bad!)

We wanted to be the first to tell you all what we as a family are about to do...

About a year ago we, Jason and I, came across an article about surrogacy and we were moved by the stories and joy it brought to the families. We then researched companies and read blogs about the process and before we knew it, we wanted to be a part of it. We see it as us having four beautiful and healthy children and why shouldn't we help another couple have the same.

I WILL NOT be donating my eggs. I am only the "oven" for the process.

Jason and I have talked this over a billion times and we are 100% + sure this is what we want to do. To be a part of something so big will be amazing. We know there will be tough times along the way, but nothing we are not strong enough for. We are just as sure that we are done having our own children and that will be a comfort in its own.

As far as our own kids, we plan on spending a lot of time talking and teaching them about what this journey is and why we are taking it. We don't have any worries about them, we are a very close family and our kids always come first.

So please feel free to ask us any questions and also please let us know what you are all thinking.

We love all of you and hope for your support