Tuesday, March 29, 2011

roller coaster!

Just checking in with a few thoughts/feelings I've been having...

First, I see pregnant women everywhere! It's like when you buy a new car, and all you see is that same car everywhere you look. And I caught myself staring at this chicks belly today, she probably thought I was a creep lol. At least I'm not asking to touch her belly, right!?!

Second, I am a HUGE emotional wreck..just being honest here. I think it has a lot to do with the fact my husband has been out of town for the past week and I depend on him way more than I'd like to admit. And also just knowing we are finally here..we have made it to what I feel has taken forever. I've been feeling a bit sick after eating and extremely tired, so that's another thing bringing me down a bit.

and last, I have a BETA tomorrow and then we will schedule our first ultrasound sometime next week, and as I was for my own children, I'm anxious to hear a heartbeat or see some sign of baby.

The kids are happy to hear the news, and my 3yr old keeps talking about the baby in my tummy, pretty cute! I love this whole process, even the ups and downs!

Will update with BETA news tomorrow!

Till then here's a picture of my four little nuggets that keep me busy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

BETA News!!

So after getting my blood drawn this morning and waiting for what it felt like 18hrs, the results are in!

.......... .... .... 392 BETA!

That's a awesome number and we are for sure PREGNANT! I can NOT explain how happy I am for my IF's and family! I will go in for another BETA on Wed and post that number as well. It sounds like a ultrasound will be done soon after that.

But it's for real, and I couldn't feel anymore joy in my heart than I do right now.

Thank you all for the support


BETA 922, DAY12 yay! Great number!

Next beta will be done a week from today:)


BLOODWORK 21Days After Transfer-

BetaHCG= 13,075

Damn those are some good lookin numbers!

US is next week!!!!:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

NOH8 Photo is here!

Yes, it finally came! I chose to do a NOH8 photo for many reasons, obviously first being HUMAN RIGHTS> I will NEVER be okay with the thought of telling people who it is they are allowed to love or to marry.

I also chose to put in a piece of Norway in for the reasons of my friends that I will be carry their child for. I believed in this fight before I met them and I love the fact that I can do my part in helping the world understand it doesn’t matter who makes the family, it is about the love built around the family. LOVE NOT HATE.

“You can’t change the music of your soul.”
~Katherine Hepburn

Thursday, March 17, 2011

2 little beans...

So a week ago today I was in NYC having dinner with my husband and my IF's. It was the night before the transfer and everyone was feeling great!...

Transfer was set at 3:30 and to keep it short and sweet, it was maybe a 45min appointment which is a lot like a pap smear. I will say comparing transfer1 to transfer2, it went perfect and everything was beautiful. I can't explain in words on how confident I am that it was a successful transfer. We ended the visit with my IF's on Sunday with all 4 of us feeling the same way. Happy. I'm looking forward to Monday, that will be my BETA and trust me I will be at the door the minute they open:)

Here are some fun photos I thought I'd share of the lucky charms i brought with me (yes my husband was one of them):

Friday, March 4, 2011

Transfer plans

A week from now I will be pregnant! I think this week was probably one of the slowest weeks in history for me! For a couple reasons, one being my husband has been out of town for the past 2 weeks and just knowing the transfer is right around the corner! So I've stayed busy thinking about all the things that need to be done before we leave and the things I would like to see happen during our visit.
The kids are all counted for while we are gone, I couldn't be more thankful that my parents are right around the corner from us and will be taking the kids while we are away, still working on a dog sitter..who knew it would be so hard to find someone to watch a 150pd doggy!?!
I've bought myself some lucky socks and comfy pj pants for the transfer and also received a beautiful gift from a new surro girlfriend in the mail yesterday, a lucky bracelet. I'm loving my new friendships with other surrogates, but thats a whole other post.
I feel ready and stress free about everything! I'm already planning ahead for when my IP's come to visit for the ultrasound;)
Some goals while in NYC:

1) Getting pregnant (duh)
2) Having a great time and visit with the guys and hubby
3) Enjoying a peaceful stay (kid free)
4) Taking more photos of the transfer events
5) Finding the perfect pizza joint
6) Riding the subway

My next post will be after theTransfer...So all I can say is please have some positive thoughts for us and let this baby STICK!