Monday, July 23, 2012

Alive and doing well...

Hey there my bloggers!

I'm so sorry for being a HUGE slacker! We all are doing well and just let the time slip away.. Since my last post I have graduated College with a Bach degree in Digital Photography and working hard on getting my own business going.. My hubby and kids are great and life is good:)

As for my surro family they are doing great as well! The beans are growing fast and are in my opinion the cutest twins EVER. In just over a week Jason and I will be on the flight to Norway for a fun visit with our surro family and of course I couldn't be more excited! I will plan on blogging and sharing photos once we get home:)

Thanks for coming back!


  1. Can't wait for you to go on this trip and get to snuggle the beans!!! Tell the Daddies that I said hello from California. Love you.

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  3. is good to hear that little ones are doing well.. surrogacy in thailand

  4. I am SO SAD that so many of these surrogacy blogs just end with no update. :( I have read your whole blog and just love it...I know it's been a stone's age but I hope you post about your trip to Norway and how your kids are doing, etc etc etc!