Friday, December 24, 2010

Conference call

Growing Generations has conference calls I think monthly and they are for surro's to get together on the phone and just talk about you know...Surrogacy stuff. I hadn't participated in one yet but figured it was about time to check it out, and plus I'm at a slow spot of the journey so thought it might help cheer me up!
So I get on this call and it's me and two other Surro's with the CEO of the company. It actually turned out to be a great call. We had about a 45min talk on about everything from the begin to the end. Some great question were answered and I loved hearing about the other Surro's IP's. I think it might be something I will do each time it is offered. But this next time I might write some questions down before the call, I think my nerves got me and I didn't ask all the questions I had planned.

Otherwise we had a great Christmas with the family and ready for a New Year!

Merry Christmas and Excited for a New Year!

So I had a friend over last night and she was asking me about the surrogacy and if I had any updates, I caught her up on really not much and then we started talking about my blog.
For the past month I've been debating on deleting my blog..I'm not really sure I like writing about my surrogacy and I know it probably has something to do with the fact the surrogacy is moving at a extreme slow pace.
But, do I really need to write about it?
Do I wanna share my experience?
I can say I enjoy reading other surro's blogs and being able to relate or know what to expect is nice.
So as I talked to my girlfriend last night she started quoting things I've written on here and told me how even her mom had noticed I haven't written on here for awhile. So I guess what I'm getting at is that I will keep posting on here and I hope that even just one person takes something from what I write. Even though I'm a shitty writer!