Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Excited for a New Year!

So I had a friend over last night and she was asking me about the surrogacy and if I had any updates, I caught her up on really not much and then we started talking about my blog.
For the past month I've been debating on deleting my blog..I'm not really sure I like writing about my surrogacy and I know it probably has something to do with the fact the surrogacy is moving at a extreme slow pace.
But, do I really need to write about it?
Do I wanna share my experience?
I can say I enjoy reading other surro's blogs and being able to relate or know what to expect is nice.
So as I talked to my girlfriend last night she started quoting things I've written on here and told me how even her mom had noticed I haven't written on here for awhile. So I guess what I'm getting at is that I will keep posting on here and I hope that even just one person takes something from what I write. Even though I'm a shitty writer!


  1. You should stick to it . . . even if no one ever reads it. I love looking back on the last 3 years on my blog. It's like a scrapbook! I'm reminded of it all because sometimes I forget certain parts. It's like a diary.

  2. I'm almost positive that you not being into blogging right now has everything to do with how slow your journey is at this moment. As soon as it picks up, It will be more exciting to blog about it all. I say stick with it. If it weren't for your your blog, I wouldn't have had the help I needed in writing the letter to my family and friends announcing my surrogacy adventure (I used a few things from the letter that you shared on your blog). =)