Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coming to the end..

This weekend the proud parents to these two babies I have spent so much time with will be arriving in Minnesota and soon after the baby beans will follow.

I have so many emotions running through my body and mind these past few weeks. I will first say that I am not worried about "giving them away" because again I'm not. They aren't mine. They never have been. I am sad to know this journey that I (we) started so long ago will be done. I will no longer be needed for their family. My "job" is done. With that being said, I feel even more strong about the fact that my other "job" my family, my kids will have me back 100%. That they won't need to share me any longer.

This past year I have grown in so many ways and I'm not just talking in the belly size. I have grown in my photography business and learning to become more professional and setting goals for myself within the industry. As a wife I've learned to show my husband how much I care for him and depend on him by just taking the time to sit and talk, to make sure we still have the "just us" time. As a mother I have learned that this is the most important job I will ever have and taking that time to read a good book with your kids before bed makes you a better parent. My friendships this past year have been a little more of a challenge. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing women thanks to surrogacy. The fact that I've only met a few face to face is crazy to me when I think some of these women are some of my closest friends I have today.

As my husband and I were cleaning the house I came across the 5 page profile of the guys that I received while in CA. I had to sit down and read it. It brought back so many emotions. I remember reading it like a dozen times on the flight back home with my husband, first thoughts honestly were -
1)Norway! that's so far away..
2)Those are some good lookin guys!
3)They seem so happy and look like they need to be dads;)

I couldn't imagine doing this for any other couple then G and S. The friendship, the trust, the connection between us all has made this as successful as it is today. They have done such an amazing job being a part of every little thing. I'm sure I could have had a couple here in the same state and not felt as close as I have with these two men.

So knowing there is just a short month left of all of this, I have no sad tears, no regrets. I have excitement, love and just all smiles to know that this was a perfect surrogacy journey.

I went into Surrogacy wanting to help a couple have a family but also to help me become a stronger person and without a doubt I can say I have. I will never be the same person I was before I signed up for this.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeling pretty and pregnant xoxo

Here are some of my fav's from my photo shoot done by Walker Photography! Check her out on FB if you want to see the rest.

But I will add this one in to be fair...Pregnancy is NOT all pretty and easy...

This was after a long day of being on my feet, thankfully after 30min on the couch they seem to go down to "normal" size.

Getting ready to hit 34 weeks and still feeling very confident we will see 38! 14 days till the daddies get here:)