Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York

So coming back from LA Jason and I talked more and felt moving forward was what we both wanted.
Reading the first profile...
The first profile was about a 4 page paper on this couple. About the life they lead and what brought them to surrogacy and what they want for the future..We read it a few times and then some more. Looking for reasons on why we didn't like them or why we wanted to see another profile of another couple. But that wasn't the case. Everything they said, everything they believe in was what we wanted to hear or was what I pictured for this process.
So off to New York to meet them! Another mini 2 day vacation for Jason and I:)
The last day in New york was the day we had our meeting with the couple. I was a complete mess all morning, really nervous for it all. what would we talk about? What if they aren't what we expected? etc.. this might sound a bit cheesy but totally true-
Walked into the room and shook hands and then I knew it was right. I had no question in mind. Meeting went well and then had only a short 20 minutes with them at a park before we had to jet back home..


  1. Destiny! It was meant to be :)

  2. So tell us alittle about the type of family you chose. Like what was their story, their personalities, what did they look like? So, as of now do you ever think this is something you would do again? Cuz I might be looking to use your services someday :)

  3. Thats a good question Alicia..
    I kind of wanted to leave some of that info out, but i will share a little.
    I chose to work with a gay couple, both male. They are young, healthy and very in love. They both have a huge support from family and friends and want to be parents more than anything.
    I knew when I started looking into surrogacy I prob would end up with a gay couple. It is very important for me and my husband to work with a "younger" couple also. When i say younger i mean like 30's. Being a young mom, i know the benefit's it brings.
    To answer what they look like..They are both really handsome fit guys. If they weren't gay my husband prob would be a bit jealous;)
    It's really hard for me to say if its something I would do again. I think thats something I wont be able to answer till its all over with. Thank you for the questions!

  4. I think that's a wonderful idea. Too bad you couldn't get Tori and Deans gay friends, they were trying to adopt a baby, then your/their baby would be on TV! :)