Thursday, July 1, 2010

The letter we sent out to share the news to our family and friends

Hello Family and Friends,
(if you've already have this msg my bad!)

We wanted to be the first to tell you all what we as a family are about to do...

About a year ago we, Jason and I, came across an article about surrogacy and we were moved by the stories and joy it brought to the families. We then researched companies and read blogs about the process and before we knew it, we wanted to be a part of it. We see it as us having four beautiful and healthy children and why shouldn't we help another couple have the same.

I WILL NOT be donating my eggs. I am only the "oven" for the process.

Jason and I have talked this over a billion times and we are 100% + sure this is what we want to do. To be a part of something so big will be amazing. We know there will be tough times along the way, but nothing we are not strong enough for. We are just as sure that we are done having our own children and that will be a comfort in its own.

As far as our own kids, we plan on spending a lot of time talking and teaching them about what this journey is and why we are taking it. We don't have any worries about them, we are a very close family and our kids always come first.

So please feel free to ask us any questions and also please let us know what you are all thinking.

We love all of you and hope for your support


  1. Hi There. I stumbled across your blog from another suro moms blog. I am just getting started with my first surrogacy. Thank you for posting the letter you sent to your family. It really helped me in creating my own letter. I hope you don't mind that I used a few things from yours??

  2. No problem Andrea! I'm glad it helped:) good luck with everything!

  3. WOW you and Jason are VERY good people and it takes alot for somebody to do this for another.. I am very proud tocall you my friend, i dont know how many peple cold actually take on this roll and when the time come be ok to just let them go.. but you have knowen the whole time that you are just the oven. this tells everyone just how BIG of a heart you haveto be doing this for the othe rcouple Congrats again and thank you for sharing your story.. you have touched me and many others good luck on your journey threw this and please keep me posted on how this is going looking forward to many pics threw the pregnancy... Peace Love and Happiness to ou andyour family.

    Jason Weller

  4. You are wonderful people! You give a wonderful present to those couples! And for me some agencies give a big hand to you and those couple, too!...I know Genessics (; it is a really good agency :)