Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to Cali

This past weekend I flew to a little place I like to call "Land of Surrogates" aka California. These past few years I've been privileged to have some of the most beautiful women in my life. These ladies are past, present or future surrogates and I know for a fact I would not have been so successful in my journey as a surrogate without their amazing support and friendships.

We have this secret group on FB and no we don't have a secret handshake but we like to keep this group very small so we can all feel like we can share and be completely honest with each other and it has done nothing but made us stronger women not only with surrogacy but as wives, mothers and friends. We've been through more in the past year than most friendships see in a life time.

One of my first Surro friends is Andrea, she had commented on my blog a few times during my transfer process and it was a friendship made from then on. Without getting too cheesy and mushy, I adore her and our friendship means more to me then she'll ever really know. That being said I couldn't stand it any longer, I had to meet her in person! With timing this just seemed to be the best, I just having the twins and her just starting on her meds I flew to Cali to spend the weekend with her!

Well the bonus of having her in Cali, there just happens to be a few more ladies in the area (or a days drive away) and during my stay these other wonderful ladies, Stacey, Katie and Laura were able to spend some time with us also. BONUS!

The weekend was filled with talking, laughing, sight seeing, eating, drinking and just chillin.. As Andrea took her first shot of her journey and Stacie taking her last shot, the timing was more than perfect. It was like going to spend the weekend with girls I've known my whole life. I loved every minute of it and when the weekend came to an end it was sad to say our goodbye's but happy for this time together.

So again surrogacy is a wonderful thing.. I've gained a new family and wonder friends that I care for in so many ways. And looking forward to meeting more of my girls in the future!

Andrea and myself

Me, Stacie, Andrea and Katie


  1. I totally think we should have a secret handshake. :)

  2. This is the BEST! It is so awesome that you have become real friends through surrogacy!

  3. I love this and being the sap I am of course I got teary eyes!
    So amazing the bond you all have from this amazing path you have all chosen!

  4. Ok seriously. I fucking love you.

  5. I feel the same way about the friends we've made through our blog. Bring on the love!!! Thanks for posting this...and for sharing.