Sunday, June 5, 2011

I finally look pregnant!

So we've hit the 15th week into this pregnancy, amazing how fast this all seems to go. I'm feeling great, less sleepy and feeling more like myself again. I'm officially wearing maternity clothes, feels good to just let it all go! Holding onto that last pair of jeans and trying to zip them up was pretty much a joke.

Feels like just a week ago I was poking my butt with needles and now I'm just a regular pregnant chick..I had a OB appointment last Friday and was able to hear both babies heartbeats and everything else is just going smoothly.

So I know this is kind of a boring post, but sometimes boring is good, right? We are planning the trip for the daddies to come visit next month and I'm so stoked to be able to spend time with them and of course find out what we are growing! At first I was thinking Boy/Girl but the last couple weeks I've had a few dreams and now I'm thinking Boy/Boy. Exciting!

**Baby beans update**

At week 15, your baby-to-be stretches her limbs and bends at her elbows. She's getting big enough that you can feel many of these movements.

This week your baby is roughly the size of a small apple or orange. Her bones are continuing to grow and lengthen. While she looks more like a baby, her skin is still thin and translucent with her veins visible.

14wk belly pic:)


  1. The picture is too small...I can't see a belly!!! ;) You look great girl. I can't wait to hear what the genders are!! xoxo

  2. Boy/Boy twins seem to be popular lately! We have twin boys on the way as well... thanks to our fabulous surrogate, Stacey :) So exciting! You look too cute!