Monday, May 23, 2011

I heart babies and photography

Okay..Okay..Only cause you asked;) I do other types of photography but I figured since this blog is mostly about babies I would post some of my favorite baby photos I've done in the past year. You can see more of my work on my flickr account or FB account. Just look up Marmolejo Photography on FB or

And Thanks for the request! I love photography and can't wait to be full time into it when my last baby is in school:)


  1. Soooo cute! You do great work!

  2. So freakin' cute!!! Love them! :-)

  3. Just wanted to say 'hi' and thanks so much for your blog! I'm just getting started with GG--my screening in LA is next week--and I've been reading blogs like crazy since this is my first experience with surrogacy. I have really enjoyed reading yours and I appreciate all the info!! Also, I'm a photographer too, so I feel a bit 'connected' to you! :) Best of luck as you continue to grow your little beans--I will definitely keep reading!

  4. Thanks ladies! @Natalie, thank you and how exciting! I checked out your photography, nice work! Will you or do you have a blog for your journey yet? would love to follow you as well:)

  5. Thanks so much! I think I will have one--just haven't started it yet. I'll let you know. :)