Saturday, April 30, 2011

The LAST SHOT Dance!

Tonight is my last shot in the bum! How do you feel about that, you ask?...

Well, I would have to first thank each and every shot for helping us get to this point and I know without each and every poke in the tummy or butt that it would not have been possible. So as I say my farewell, I don't want to hate on the needles....

Now on the other hand, knowing that I won't have a black and blue bruise on my butt any longer and dread shoving the needle and hoping for it to be somewhat not painful is gunna feel great!

I am happy to say we are moving on and the babies are growing perfect and no longer need help from the medication:) Our doctors office in NYC has given the okay to move forward with the OB here in my town!


Oh and here is a photo I'd like to share..I would love to see the amount of blood that has been taken out of my body this past 3 months. This last time the lady decided to shove her needle into the same spot from the guy 3 days prior to her.
We had a bleeder!

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  1. Hey! That would've made me nauseated pre-surrogacy but look at me, no fainting! :)

    Congrats on ditching your pin-cushion status. :)