Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lab Queen

Well Friday marked my one week of Lupron! I'm doing well and the injections haven't been bad, I've done them all myself so I'm kinda what you would call a "Shot pro". Although today is my first injection of Delestrogen (butt shot) I will NOT be doing that one by myself..

I went in for a ultrasound and blood work yesterday, I'll be waiting for results come next week but confident everything will look great!

My hubby is leaving town on Monday for a 2 week work trip, the timing is not great and I hate having him gone but we'll be fine and I'll lean on my mom to do the next butt shot. Otherwise I feel great, I've had some headaches I've noticed the past few days, but that's always hard to know if it's a side effect or just stress of the everyday.

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