Sunday, July 24, 2011

The visit

Where do I begin!?! I'll start off by saying the week with the guys was everything that I thought it would be, perfect:)

I'll just run down the week to make it easier for you to understand how much we packed into a short amount of time!

The guys arrived at the house on Monday morning before our U/S with some extra time to come in and meet the kiddos, hubby was out of town for work till Tuesday evening. But they came in to meet the kids and gave them some gifts (yummy chocolate and a Norwegian family movie).. The kids were a bit shy but I think they loved the attention.

The 3 of us headed off to the first U/S we had scheduled with the OB office. At the visit the babies looked great and the guys were told they were having a girl and a boy! During the 45min appointment we came to realize the baby girl isn't shy for attention as she kinda stole the show with lots of photo ops and as for the boy he was a little more laid back not willing to show off his personality yet.. We all left with smiles, knowing the babies looked perfect and the guys can now get busy doing the shopping they have been waiting for. Next up was the hospital visit, we made a quick stop and all the nurses we encountered were awesome! We had a tour of the rooms and nursery. I didn't deliver at this hospital for my own children but now kinda wish I did! Very updated and somewhat like a mini hotel:)

Tuesday morning we had the OB visit, pumped to get updates about the U/S and also for the guys to have any questions or concerns answered. The doctor was great having the 3 of us in a tiny room and more than willing to sit and chat. We talked a lot about the birth plan and how to avoid having them miss the birth. The babies are growing right along what they should be and I shouldn't need to go back in for 3 weeks. I will start more appointments and ultrasounds closer to 30wks. She seemed very happy with how everything was going. So again just another great update for the baby beans.

After that I was excited to go shopping with the guys for a bit and see them pick out some baby items they wanted to check off the list..LOVE looking at all the fun baby clothes and everything else the stores have to offer. And loved watching them talk about colors, sizes etc. Nothing better than shopping for your unborn babies:)

So day 3 was the FUN day! Hubby was home and so the guys, hubby, me and our 2 oldest kids packed up for the day and went to Valley Fair (MN's version of 6 flags) Talk about a hot day here in MN but we made the best of it! The crew went on some of the biggest roller coasters as I and one of the dads sat back and took photos in the shade. About halfway through we all busted out in our swimwear and hit up the waterpark.. Yes, I was allowed to do the lazy river and it felt amazing at that point. We had to cut the day a little short due to a planned BBQ at my parents house later that evening. But I think we all left feeling like it was a great day.

The BBQ was up next and it was a great way to end the night. My parents had us all over to sit out on the deck and eat some good food, it was probably my favorite part of the week (besides the U/S) just watching these two worlds of mine come together finally. My family has been a huge roll in this and for them to meet the guys was a perfect way to share it with them.

Thursday (last day)
Again the guys, hubby and myself headed off to the 3D/4D U/S, I didn't know what to expect with this one, we didn't do this type of U/S with our own children. It was AWESOME! The babies looked great! Of course, again baby girl stole the show...She was all over the screen looking cute:) Baby boy showed us he for sure was a boy .... and closer to the end he did give us some sneak peaks of his face. But overall the guys got some great photos and we all really enjoyed the time. After that we took the guys to their first Baseball game (hubbies idea) Being a huge baseball family we thought it would be fun to go to a night game at the new Twins Stadium. It turned out to be a perfect night for the four of us and a perfect way to end the week. ..

wow...that was a lot, but I really wanted to write it all down so a year from now I can look back at that week. Surrogacy starts off with the idea of 2 couples willing to work together for something so big and then turns into so much more than you could ever imagine. I'm truly lucky to have met these two amazing guys and lucky to carry their two amazing babies...


  1. awesome...thanks for sharing! what a wonderful experience and good luck with all that's to come.

  2. Sounds like you all had a wonderful visit. Don't you just love those 3d/4d ultrasound! It's amazing what you can see with them.

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I LOVE the 3d/4d ultrasounds. I had them with each of my own children but doubt we will get to this time. We aren't sure we will get to see our IF's between the transfer and the birth because of them being so far away. Glad you are getting the chance to know them so well!

  4. Sounds like you all had a great time together. I love all the photos!

  5. I love that you guys had such a great week! You are amazing and I am sure your IFs know it too.

  6. Looks like you had a blast!!! It is so wonderful to see the great relationship you guys are creating... amazing!!