Thursday, January 20, 2011

Transfer #2 on the way!

Tranfser #2 is underway!

I've been in contact with the NY doctors office and the transfer is scheduled to be early March:) I will get my box of meds in the mail next week, I've already started on the birth control and vitamins. The other fun stuff start Feb 11th. I will have to go back to the lab and do some of the blood work over again and so will Jason.

It is amazing to me on how long you sit and wait and wait.....................then you get a phone call and everything starts going crazy again! I love it!

We do plan on Jason coming with me this time, I've let the nurse know in NY to keep us updated asap so we can make it happen. I'm also very excited to see my IP's again~

This transfer will take! I will be pregnant with a healthy adorable baby.

I do plan on taking photos this time around..I looked back at my first transfer and was surprised that I didn't do so..If you know me it's not like me to not want to capture the special moments on camera. Other than that, I plan on doing everything the same just with less stress.

I will update once the meds start!


  1. Definitely take tons of pictures throughout the whole process!! Can't wait to hear you're preggo!