Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Block Party

This past weekend we had our annual neighborhood block party. Having mixed feelings about it this year. Knowing I would more likely end up talking about surrogacy 99% of the time..Don't get me wrong, I love educating people about surrogacy but not 20 people/20 different times in a 4 hour stretch.
So pretty much sums it up, I think Belmont St. is one of the most educated streets in America when it comes to surrogacy lol. Surprisingly it went well, I don't think I had one "stupid" question and everyone seemed very interested in the process. I'm always interested to know how it takes off from there..you know, they go home and tell someone they know and then that someone tells someone they know and so on...
Surrogacy is an amazing thing and it can get mixed messages in the media,I'm doing my part here with my little bit of connections makes me feel good at the end of the day.

Anyways, on to what we all are here for really....


The beans are doing great, I think I've tripled in size the past few weeks. Had an OB and U/S last week and the reports all came back great:) I would share photos but the U/S tech I had that day didn't try very hard to get good pics..that's alright tho, we already know they are adorable.

I'm feeling good, I make sure I put my feet up for a least an hour a day and if I can sneak in a nap I do so. The older kids start back to school in 2wks so my days will be a bit easier once that schedule goes into effect.

26wks now and in my heart I know we will see 36wks, so I've got a lot to do just making sure these beans are growing safe. I can't believe this is moving so fast and I really have missed the guys being here. The contact between us is great with photos/text/emails but would love nothing more than to have them at each appointment.

Planning on doing some professional belly photos soon, but till then here is a cheesy cell phone in the mirror photo;)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Who's babies ..

He's not the easiest to understand but how cute is my 3 year old :)